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How much plastic would I save with the 900.care range ?

How much plastic can I save with the 900.care range?. On average, a French home tosses out like ten bathroom trash cans full of plastic waste every year, just from hygiene products 😨. Switching to our refillable gear means ditching single-use plasti

What materials are your containers made of ?

We checked out options (glass, wood, and such) for our reusable pals to bring some meaning back to your bathroom. We settled on recycled plastic, with the smallest environmental footprint from start to finish. This plastic already exists, so we'd rat

Are your products natural ?

We really want to offer you products that are good for your body AND the planet! That's why all our formulas are 95% natural (minimum! πŸ˜‰). The remaining 5% is totally harmless and includes essential components for product effectiveness, like fluorid

Where are my products manufactured ?

All our cool products are made right here in France, in our awesome lab in Paris 😍

Why are your prices higher than those of big brands for the same quantity of product ?

Our main goal is to let everyone who wants to cut down on single-use plastic do it without sacrificing joy πŸ₯°. Yeah, our products might be a tad pricier than the big brands because our volumes are smaller (so less cost-cutting) and our natural raw ma

Where do your raw materials come from ?

Whenever possible, we choose components from France or Europe πŸ‡«πŸ‡· This includes our fragrances 🌸 Also, all our oils are French and organic! However, we can't find all components in this part of the world, so some are imported from Asia by our lab.

Are your products biodegradable ?

All the stuff we use in our formulas can break down, so our formulas should too 🌳 But, like, these tests on how things break down take a while. We're working on it to officially say our formula is super biodegradable soon 😊

Are your bottles biodegradable ?

Our bottles aren't biodegradable since no plastic, even the so-called bio-sourced ones, can be tossed into nature. However, they're 100% recyclable and made from 50% recycled plastic. We're working on upping that percentage! 🌍

Are your products organically certified ?

Using only organic ingredients comes with a significant extra cost and would force us to double our prices. We really want our products to remain affordable for as many people as possible. However, we've worked hard to make our formulas good for you

Are your products vegan, cruelty-free, and not tested on animals ?

All our stuff is vegan, and we'd never, ever test on animals! We love those little critters as much as you do 🐰 🐷! Our formulas only have good stuff for you and the planet!! 🌎

What is the ecological impact of the delivery ?

This is a big deal for us, you know 🌎. First off, our refills fit in your mailbox and get delivered by the postal service, which happens to be the world's first carbon-neutral postal operator. No new trucks on the road 🚚 Also, our products don't ha

What are your refills packaged in ?

All our refills are packed in small, environmentally friendly, and 100% recyclable cardboard boxes 🌈 These little boxes also have food approval to keep the products healthy for your body !