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What materials are your containers made of ?Updated 5 months ago

We checked out options (glass, wood, and such) for our reusable pals to bring some meaning back to your bathroom. We settled on recycled plastic, with the smallest environmental footprint from start to finish. This plastic already exists, so we'd rather recycle it for a second life than see it in landfills or, worse, in our oceans 😢 This container is built to last for years, fueled by refills packed in cardboard. So, no more tossing plastic in the bin! 😍 While glass is more easily recyclable at the end of its life, it's super energy-intensive to produce and heavy to transport, creating a bigger greenhouse gas footprint than recycled plastic. Plus, we wanted something practical for your bathroom, and glass, well, it's a bit clunky and can break (yes, saving toes from fractures here 😂).

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