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Micellar water πŸ’§

Which are the ingredients in your micellar water ?

Here is the list of ingredients for our super micellar water 🌿: Sorbitol, sodium cocoyl glutamate, sodium methyl oleoyl taurate, sodium anisate, sodium levulinate, potassium citrate, sodium gluconate, sodium chloride, sodium benzoate, citric acid, c

Is there a blacklist of ingredients for your micellar water ?

We're all about hooking you up with stuff that's good for you and the Earth 🌍. So, our micellar water has no alcohol or weird ethoxylated stuff. That means it's kind to your skin and pampers you to the max πŸͺ„

How to use your micellar water ?

How to make your own micellar water :. 1. Drop a tablet in your reusable bottle. 2. Add 100 ml of hot water (max 50°C) up to the mark. 3. Let it chill for 3 hours ⏳. 4. Shake it up, ready to use !. 5. Soak a cotton pad and clean your face and eyes mo

How long does a micellar water refill last ?

A micellar water refill is one tab that, once dissolved, becomes 100 ml of micellar water ! With your 4 tabs, you can recharge 4 times, creating 4 x 100 ml of micellar water. How long does 100 ml last ? Normally about a month if you use it every day

How should I store your micellar water ?

We looked into it and decided to add a thing called sodium benzoate to keep away yucky bacteria 🦠 Cause there's a lot of water in our micellar water, we say keep it around for a month β˜€οΈ

Is your micellar water suitable for sensitive skins ?

Our micellar water passed dermatological tests on sensitive skin, showing optimal tolerance even for the most sensitive skin 🀝

Is your micellar water suitable for pregnant women ?

Our micellar water is super cool for moms-to-be because it doesn't have any essential oils 🀰. But here's a tip: don't rush and put on your shirt right after using it, or you might see some white marks. Wait a bit, let it soak in, and you're good to

From what age can your micellar water be used ?

Micellar water is for grown-ups, so we don't recommend it for your little chicks 🐣

Can I use your refills with a different bottle ?

Our 900.care bottles are designed for the perfect mix πŸ€—, plus, their colors are pretty cool too πŸ¦‰. But hey, you can use your own bottle if you fancy. Just stick to the right amounts – 100 ml of water for 1 micellar water tablet πŸ€“

Is your micellar water vegan ?

All our products are vegan-friendly 🌿

Once I've made a purchase, when will I receive my products ?

Once you've ordered, you'll get your products within 8 business days. It takes a bit longer because all orders are shipped via La Poste, currently the most environmentally friendly carrier 🌿

How will you deliver my product ?

All our products are designed to be dropped right in your mailbox πŸ’Œ

Are my products exchangeable and/or refundable ?

Changed your mind about our stuff ? No problemo ! We'll refund you the whole shebang (minus shipping) πŸ’Œ. Send it back to 900.care at 60 rue Amelot, 75011 Paris. We'll hit you up with a refund within two weeks of getting your package! πŸ˜‰