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Toothpaste 🦷

Which are the ingredients in your toothpaste ?

Toothpaste is a bit of a technical product... So, to make our toothpaste, we need: anti-cavity agents, remineralizing agents, cleaning agents, mint and menthol flavors for fresh breath, a polishing action to whiten teeth, and compacting agents to tur

Why use fluoride and what is its concentration ?

We know, talking about fluoride can be a bit like 'ehh,' but dentists say it's super important to fight those pesky cavities 🦷 As long as it's in the right amount, it's all good for your body. Our tablets have 1450 ppm (which is just right for every

Is there an ingredients blacklist for your toothpaste ?

We're on a mission to keep things good for you and the Earth !. We say 'no thanks' to lots of things like triclosan, sulfate, and titanium dioxide πŸ₯°

How do I use your toothpaste ?

Daily routine :. 1. Open your bottle, the opening is in line with the symbol with the 3 little circles, and take out one toothpaste tablet to chew (Oh, how beautiful it is! 😍). 2. Chew the tablet several times (we do it 5 times). The goal is to turn

How long does a toothpaste refill last ?

A toothpaste refill is 248 tabs. 1 tab = 1 brush, twice a day... that's 124 days or... 4 months ! Count it (depending on how much you brush..) πŸ˜‚

How to store your toothpaste ?

Like most hygiene sidekicks, our toothpaste stays superhero-strong for months if kept cool, dry, and away from light, moisture, and heat ! So, stash those refills in your fantastic reusable bottle (and seal it up nice and tight) !

Is your toothpaste suitable for sensitive gums ?

After some lab magic πŸ‘¨β€βš•οΈ, we can shout from the mountaintops that our chewable toothpaste protects those gums like a superhero shield 😁

Is your toothpaste suitable for kids ?

Hey, parents ! Hold off on giving our toothpaste tabs to kiddos under 9 to avoid any swallowing trouble. Our toothpaste's fluoride level is A-okay for the big 9-year-olds and up πŸ§’

Is your toothpaste suitable for pregnant women ?

If you're expecting a baby, no worries ! Our toothpaste doesn't have any fancy essential oils, so it's totally safe for moms-to-be ! πŸ’

Can I use your refills with a different bottle ?

Our 900.care bottles are made so those tabs come out one by one, and they stay dry and cool. And if you've got another bottle that's sealed up tight, go ahead and use it.

Is your toothpaste vegan ?

All our products are vegan 🌿

Once I've made a purchase, when will I receive my products ?

Once you've ordered, you'll get your products within 8 business days. It takes a bit longer because all orders are shipped via La Poste, currently the most environmentally friendly carrier 🌿

How will you deliver my product ?

All our products are designed to be dropped right in your mailbox πŸ’Œ

How much do the refills cost ?

Toothpaste refills cost the same as the trial kit πŸ˜‰. We simply multiply the price by 4 as the quantity sent πŸ™. In fact, a trial kit includes 62 toothpaste tablets (with refillable container) and a refill includes 248 toothpaste tablets. As the tria