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Subscription πŸ’Œ

Am I obligated to subscribe ?

Yes, the subscription helps us plan our production, cut costs, and send you more products in the same truck, making them more affordable... and it's better for our planet too 🌍. Of course, you can stop or modify your subscription anytime with just a

What are the advantages of the subscription ?

The subscription allows us to plan our production and thus reduce our costs. That's why our products are more affordable for you each month! πŸ’° Moreover, it is beneficial for the environment as it helps reduce the number of trucks on the roads (and t

How do I subscribe ?

By picking one of our sensational products, you get a trial kit with a bottle and the first refill of our fabulous goods ! When you buy, set up your subscription to receive future orders as often as you want πŸ“¦ You choose ! If you goofed on the frequ

What are the different subscription plans offered ?

Twenty days after you snag a trial kit or any product, we drop off 4 months' worth of refills for one person, at whatever pace you like. Don't worry, it fits in your mailbox 😁. You can choose delivery every 4 months (if you're the solo 900.care user

What happens after purchasing a trial kit ?

After snagging your trial kit, you're on the subscription train 😊. 20 days post-purchase, your first recurring order sets sail. If you don't bail out, you'll be charged again, and a package with 4 months' worth of refills will be cruising your way.

How do I change or cancel my subscription ?

You can change, at no cost and anytime, the fragrance, frequency, or the next delivery date of your subscriptions by visiting your 900.care account 😊. Since the subscription is commitment-free, you can also cancel it anytime in the 'my account' sect

How does the payment and billing process work ?

After you get your try-it-out kit, they'll take money from you automatically before sending stuff, like, regularly, based on when you want it 😊

What are the supported payment methods on the website ?

We're all about convenience ! We take Visa, Mastercard, American Express πŸ’³, Paypal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay πŸ’Έ