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Laundry tablets πŸ‘•

What are the ingredients in your washing tablets ?

What's the ingredient list?. Here's the ingredient list for our sensational tablets (and good news, all our ingredients are healthy!) 😻 :. Carbonate salts, salt, sequestering agent, cellulose, montmorillonite, silicates, sodium metasilicate, DAT, an

Is there an ingredient blacklist for your laundry tablets ?

Our aim is to offer you a formula that's both good for you and good for the planet! 🌍. Your washing tablets are free of controversial substances and individual plastic packaging.

At what temperature can I use your detergent tablets ?

Our tablets can be used from 30Β°C for normally soiled laundry.

How many tablets should I put in my washing machine each time I use it ?

One tablet can be used for a normal load of 3 to 5 kg for normally soiled laundry and soft or medium soft water. Use 2 tablets for a heavy load of 6 to 8 kg and heavily soiled linen or hard or very hard water πŸ’ͺ

Can I put the tablet in the detergent compartment of my washing machine ?

We don't recommend this, as the water entering the compartment serves to entrain the powder or liquid. In the case of a tablet, there's a risk that it will get stuck in the tray and dissolve too slowly, especially as the water is cold at this level.

Can I use your washing tablets for coloured clothes ?

Of course! Our shelves can be used for all types of linen, even the most colorful 🌈 !

Can I use the tablets for black or dark linen ?

Although the formula contains color transfer and protection agents, the use of powder or tablets is often not recommended for these textiles. Instead, use a liquid detergent specifically formulated for this purpose. Alternatively, use half a tablet t

Are your tablets compatible with all types of clothing ?

The tablets are not suitable for all types of textiles, such as silk or wool. For delicate fabrics, it's best to use a specific detergent adapted to these materials, or to wash by hand. Refer to the washing instructions on your garment label πŸ‘•

Why doesn't my tablet dissolve completely ?

Check that the machine is not overloaded beyond its cotton capacity (see your machine's operating instructions). Normally, for optimum washing results, whatever the detergent, a machine should be filled to a maximum of 2/3 of its cotton capacity (5kg