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Dishwasher 🧽

What are the ingredients of your dishwasher tablets ?

What's the ingredient list?. Here's the ingredient list for our sensational tablets (and good news, all our ingredients are healthy!) 😻 :. Salt, sodium carbonate, sequestrants, sodium sulfate, silicates, sugar beet pulp derivative, DAT, anti-redepos

Is there a blacklist of ingredients for your dishwasher tablets ?

Our aim is to offer you a formula that's both good for you and good for the planet! 🌍. Your dishwasher tablets are free of controversial substances and individual plastic packaging.

At what temperature can I use your dishwasher tablets ?

Our tablets can be used from 35Β°C for normally soiled dishes. At 65Β°C for very dirty dishes or very hard water πŸ’§

Do I need salt and rinse aid with these tablets ?

Our tablets are all in 1️⃣, they include ingredients replacing salt πŸ§‚ and rinse liquid!. However, if you have hard or very hard water, we recommend adding salt and rinse aid in addition to avoid the appearance of haze and streaks caused by limescale

Is the shelf compatible with small dishwashers ?

Yes 😍 we advise you to use half the tablet by breaking it in half!

My tablet does not dissolve

If your tablet does not dissolve properly, this may be because the water is not hot enough or the tablet is not released from the detergent dispenser at the right time. Check these parameters against your machine's operating instructions.

My dishes are dirty after washing

If your dishes are dirty after using the tablet, follow these tips 😊 :. 1. Check the cleanliness of your machine and the filter. Always clean the filter after each wash cycle. 2. If necessary, pre-soak dishes (e.g. gratin dishes). 3. Adapt the wash

White haze or spots are visible on my lenses

It is not advisable to machine-wash delicate or fine glasses, regardless of the dishwasher tablets used. For everyday crockery, if a haze or stains appear, we recommend adding rinse aid to boost rinsing efficiency πŸ’§