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My dishes are dirty after washingUpdated 6 months ago

If your dishes are dirty after using the tablet, follow these tips 😊 : 

1. Check the cleanliness of your machine and the filter. Always clean the filter after each wash cycle.

2. If necessary, pre-soak dishes (e.g. gratin dishes).

3. Adapt the wash cycle used (longer, hotter, intensive...) by referring to your machine's operating instructions.

4. For heavily soiled dishes or delayed starts (dried soiling), use 2 tablets and insert them in the cutlery basket. You can also run a pre-wash if the machine allows, by inserting 1 tablet in the cutlery basket and one in the pre-wash container.

5. Also check for objects or debris obstructing the dishwasher's spray arms, which may prevent the water from dispersing properly.

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